Sunday, August 25, 2013


So Kaia had an overnight with auntie Monique last night. She LOVES that Aunt Q! Today they braved the park city farmers market (or the park 'silly market' as they call it) and Kaia had a ball! She picked up a "halla hop" (aka hula hoop) and went to town with it, having the time of her life apparently :) She was playing with all sorts of other kids her age too... what a doll! I'm so blessed to have such a happy, joyful, and fun little girl (and such a great auntie for her to take her on so many adventures) :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Little Miles

Poor lil guy is having a rough go at growing. We were admitted to American Fork Hospital last week for "failure to thrive" and now we are here at Primary Children's. They've done lots of tests to rule out weird metabolic disorders and stuff like that, switched up feeding plans, tested for cystic fibrosis and other genetic disorders, x-rays, ultrasounds, etc. Everything is pretty normal except he throws up a lot and struggles to gain weight. He's up to 8lbs 4oz today. He weighed that much last week at one point, but then lost it, but hey- now he's back up there. I just hope he doesn't lose it all again. 

Had a scare yesterday that he had CF, but they don't think so. His newborn screen was negative for it, but they did a sweat test that was abnormal. Below 30 is negative, above 60 is indicative for CF, and Miles' level was 44. So, they said it's inconclusive and we should re-test the sweat test in a week or longer, and we are also getting some genetic testing done for further testing. That will test for the 32 most common abnormalities for CF. We met with the pulmonologist today to discuss the abnormal sweat test, but he is pretty sure Miles does NOT have it. That's a relief! I was a basket case last night when they said that cystic fibrosis was a possibility, even though that possibility was slim.

It's hard being here and not getting answers though. Not that I want any of these tests to come back positive or anything, but maybe if there is a diagnosis, then there is a treatment. Nothing seems to be helping him yet. He is so sweet and beautiful. I just feel for the little guy, and I love him so much!

Monday, April 15, 2013

All is good

I forgot to update after my docs appt last week... Oops! So, everything is good with me and lil baby! Apparently my placenta has up and moved out of the way since the last ultrasound... which could have been why I was spotting. Also, my fluid levels around baby are just where they need to be. AND... Baby is measuring a week ahead of schedule! Crazy... I mean, Kaia was large too, so I guess I could have figured. She was 10 days early and weighed in at 8 lbs 9 oz.

I was super excited to see more pics of my nameless boy with the ultrasound... We got some really cute ones!! So, I'll leave you all with my favorite ones... One holding his hands up to his face and the other captures a sweet little grin :) LOVE IT!!

Oh, I added some maternity ones I liked from our family pics we just had done too ;)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Bedrest Weekend

Went to Labor and Delivery the other day (mom's birthday actually) after some coaxing from family. Had some unexplained bleeding, cramping, and vomiting, so we hopped on over. I felt kinda dumb going, just cause... i don't know... what if it was nothing. But, what if it wasn't nothing?  The nurse was super nice and said it was totally reasonable for me to come in. I guess just being a nurse, and not knowing, made me feel self conscious - like I should have know what was going on and how to fix it and not bother anyone else with it. Ugh!

After bloodwork and an ultrasound, bedrest is the doctor's order. Hopefully just for the weekend until I can have another ultrasound on Tuesday though!! They are monitoring my cervix and lower lying placenta. It freaks me out a little- working in NICU and seeing how these sweet baby angels are at 29 weeks and how they struggle. But, my spotting stopped today, so hopefully baby and I are on the mend :) Our fingers are crossed so we can keep this bun cookin for at least 2 more months :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Could ya tell?

Not sure if everyone could tell or not from the pics in Hawaii, but I'm totally preggers again :) I think it's pretty obvious of course... Seeing my growing belly and all. I will be 27 weeks tomorrow (switches on Saturdays) and due on June 22nd. I'm super excited cause I'm having a boy, so it's perfect as ill have my girl and a boy soon. Also, my parents have had 6 grand-baby girls in a row, so it's a about time for another male around in the fam.

Everything's gone well so far. I did have a miscarriage last year before I got pregnant this time, so it's been a relief that it has been going well. Just tired all the time. I think I am more tired this pregnancy, or maybe I just notice it more, having a almost 2 year old in the house :) I didn't have any crazy cravings... Well, besides the 2 week spout of runs to Taco Bell for a 99 cent bean burrito of all things! My feet haven't gotten crazy swollen, but I'm sure that'll hit me soon (I am noticing a bit of swelling already, just nothing like last time.... YET).

The time for this pregnancy has been speeding by... Seemingly much faster than with Kaia. It's probably because I've been through a pregnancy before and am not as anxiously waiting for the new week of info to read up on (regarding what's happening in mom and baby's bodies) each Saturday morning. But I am sure excited!!!

Just me, or is choosing a boy name totally more difficult than a girl's? I'm having a rough time with this one... I guess I have time though :)

Working in NICU and Mom/Baby has been making me more excited I think. Just being around all the newborns has me totally wanting baby boy to arrive sooner than later (but not TOO soon of course).

I wonder what he looks like...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Temple and Sunset Beach

We took a rest day on Thursday (3/7/13)... we were pretty pooped after being out in the sun all day on Tuesday and Wednesday. So, Mick and I headed to the Laie Temple in the morning and then came home to relax afterwards. That temple is SOOOO beautiful. I can see why Mick loved it so much even before he was active with church. Of course I forgot the camera on the way to the temple, but I'll update the blog with other pics we took from another day we drove by :)

Thursday evening we headed over to the beach... Sunset beach... just in time for the beautiful sunset :) Mick took some pictures of Kaia that I just LOVE!!! I've gotta get some enlarged :)

I think this one's my fave

Aquarium, Waikiki, and the Punchbowl

Still had lots to see, so Friday (3/8/13) we went to the Honolulu Aquarium and drove around Waikiki.

First we stopped at Leonard's bakery for some breakfast pastries, "Malasadas," like a doughnut type thing... warm and delicious to the soul

Here is a statue of King Kamehameha

Waikiki boat harbor

This vessel, the Dorcas, is owned by one of Poppi's relatives... used to be his sister's but now I think his niece owns it. We just happened to fall upon it while checking out the boats, so had to document it of course.

I think the aquarium could have been one of Kaia's favorite places we went while in Hawaii. She just ran around that place and stared into each little section with all the colorful fish and coral for forever!

I mean, look at her excited face!

There she is pointing to the fishies :)

blurry - sorry - she didn't want to face the camera - too busy looking into the fish bubble


Can you spot the seahorses?

This guy was my fave... he's a lion fish. He looked like he needed a hug... poor grump

pretty huge clam if ya ask me

This fish wanted to just keep staring at us

This seal was named Maka - he's a monk seal

this one was a baby - 4 years old

The Punchbowl

This cemetery, also known as the national memorials cemetery of the Pacific, was quite the site. Check out these pretty pics:

These little plaques lined both sides of the pathway to the top of the lookout over the city
Looking out over Honolulu
... different angle...

Kaia loved to ride on Dad's shoulders

Some Japanese temple thing that was quite nice lookin'

Gorgeous Laie Temple at sunset as we drove home

What a trip! Saw tons of the gorgeous island of Oahu!